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Orthodontics/Clear Aligners

Enjoy Convenient, Comfortable Care

  • Eliminate issues that have bothered you for years
  • Get the results you want without metal braces
  • Make straight teeth part of your smile makeover
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Create a Great Smile With Clear Aligners in New Castle

When you feel good about your smile, it changes how you approach everyday situations. You can feel confident during orthodontic treatment with clear aligners in New Castle, IN. Your treatment with aligners can:

  • Straighten crooked and crowded teeth
  • Correct bite problems
  • Close gaps between your teeth
  • Improve your oral health
  • Boost your self-confidence

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Transform Your Teeth With Our Orthodontic Solution

Straight teeth make your smile more attractive and appealing. Even so, you may hesitate to begin orthodontic treatment with braces. You might worry about feeling self-conscious with metal in your mouth. At Rusch Dental Group, you have another option: SureSmile clear aligners. They make it easier to achieve your smile goals. Compared to braces, aligners also offer some advantages:

  • Comfort – Your aligners are custom-made for your teeth. Each one is a smooth piece of plastic that won’t irritate the soft tissue inside your mouth.
  • Convenience – Aligners are easy to wear. They are as simple as putting in a mouthguard. You also can remove them during meals and your daily oral hygiene. That means you can eat what you like and continue brushing and flossing as you do now.
  • Nearly Invisible Appearance – Since your aligners are clear, they are also practically invisible while you are wearing them. This makes them much more discreet than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Many people seek orthodontics to improve the appearance of their smiles. You may want to combine your clear aligner treatment with other cosmetic services. Your dentist can explain all of your options, from teeth whitening to gummy smile treatment.

If you aren’t sure that orthodontics are for you, start with a consultation. Your dentist can even show you a digital preview if you want to see how your smile could change. This can help you make an informed decision and see what you are working toward.

Call 765-548-4823 or schedule online to make an appointment at Rusch Dental Group. See what clear aligners in New Castle, IN can do for you.