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Feel Great About Your Smile

Join our other happy, satisfied patients in receiving top-notch treatment. Our team will treat you like the unique individual you are, personalizing your dental care to your needs. Enjoy a radiant smile and excellent oral health with our skills and experience.

Experience Modern Dental Care
  • Relieve your anxiety with a choice of sedation options
  • Relax with amenities like cozy blankets and pillows
  • Get the exact results you want with our advanced technology
Welcome to Rusch Dental Group

Give Your Smile the Care it Deserves

At Rusch Dental Group, you’re more than just a patient to us. Our dedicated team of dentists and staff want what’s best for you. That’s why we’ll listen carefully to your concerns and the goals you have for your smile. We’ll partner with you to develop a plan to help you reach those goals and achieve the smile of your dreams.

Plus, we’ll do it as comfortably as possible. You’ll find two sedation options to help you relax during your treatment, if needed. Choose inhaled sedation using laughing gas or oral sedation in pill form. Both options lessen dental anxiety and help you unwind while we care for your smile. In addition, our office features leading-edge technology like digital X-rays, digital scanners, and a 3-D cone beam CT scanner – all of which ensure you receive the results you want from your dental treatment.

Call your new dentists in Fishers today at 317-268-2603 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online.

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Common Questions About Our Services
Are you accepting new patients?

Absolutely! Starting at age 1 and continuing through the senior years, we’re committed to offering top-notch dental care throughout your life. Whether it’s a dental exam and cleaning or more extensive treatments, our caring team will keep your oral health in top shape. Call to book an appointment for yourself or your family. We’re eager to meet you and help you attain a bright and healthy smile!

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants are crafted from titanium, a material widely accepted by the body for medical uses. Before placing an implant, your dentist will check if your gums are healthy and if you have enough bone density. If there are issues, like gum disease or insufficient bone, you may need treatment beforehand, such as gum disease therapy or a bone graft, to make sure the implant is safe and effective.

What are some signs I should see a dentist right away?

If you experience ongoing tooth pain, sudden sensitivity to hot or cold, swollen or bleeding gums, or a loose tooth, it’s crucial to visit us as soon as possible. Ignoring these symptoms could result in problems that seriously threaten your oral health. Seeking timely dental care can prevent more serious issues and ensure your teeth and gums remain in good shape.