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Save Your Oral Health by Visiting Your Emergency Dentist in New Castle

You want to spend your days pain-free and feeling your best. Dental disasters can make that difficult to do. Luckily, your New Castle, IN emergency dentist can ensure your smile won’t suffer and get you feeling better ASAP. Don’t hesitate to call 765-548-4823 if you need urgent dental care. Come to us to:

  • Address dental problems before they get worse
  • Alleviate painful dental conditions
  • Lower your risk of more serious issues
  • Live your everyday life without pain

Call 765-548-4823 to get help from our team at Rusch Dental Group. We will see you the same day whenever possible.

Take Action to Get Your Smile Back on Track

Our professionals are dedicated to protecting your oral health and stopping problems before they start. Even so, anyone can experience a dental emergency. When that happens, we are here to get your mouth back in shape as quickly as we can. We have invested in patient-friendly technology to make your treatments more efficient and effective. Plus, we always use a gentle touch and treat you with compassion.

Depending on your situation, you may need one of more of these services:

  • Tooth Fillings – The first step is removing the decay from your tooth. Then, your dentist can use a composite filling to restore the full function and natural appearance of your tooth.
  • Root Canals – Your dentist can perform a root canal treatment to remove the infected tissue that is causing you pain. Then we can repair and cap the tooth. We may need to refer complicated cases to a specialist.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Periodontal infection can lead to loose or lost teeth. Taking action as soon as possible can protect your smile.
  • Tooth Extraction – When a tooth is beyond repair, you need to remove it to prevent further problems. This can set the stage for a tooth replacement to prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.
  • Dental Crowns – This restorative treatment is an effective fix for several problems, including broken, cracked, and severely decayed teeth.
  • Dental Bridges – A dental injury could knock some of your teeth out of their sockets. A dental bridge can fill the gap and recreate your smile.

During an emergency oral care situation, you may feel more anxious than usual. We have sedation options to help you relax and lessen your discomfort.

Call Rusch Dental Group at 765-548-4823 to reach your emergency dentist in New Castle, IN as soon as possible. For routine care, you can also make an appointment online.