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Relieving Dental Anxiety

Get Stress-Free Dental Care

  • Feel at ease with several amenities
  • Receive your best smile comfortably & pain-free
  • Improve your oral health at stress-free visits
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Find Help With Relieving Dental Anxiety in Hagerstown

You don’t need to worry or feel nervous before seeing the dentist – not when you visit our experts at relieving dental anxiety in Hagerstown. As a patient of Rusch Dental Group, you can:

  • Overcome your worries to get the treatment you need
  • Relax during your appointment with help from sedation
  • Feel at home with a blanket or pillow
  • Fully understand your dental treatments before we begin
  • Benefit from our use of patient-friendly dental technology

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Overcome Your Dental Fears for a Healthier Smile

Some people struggle with anxiety about the dentist because of a past experience. At Rusch Dental Group, we understand that. That’s why our team believes in honesty with our patients. Transparency is important to us. So is giving you the information you need to make decisions about your smile. Your dentist will take time to get to know you. They will also discuss exactly what your treatment options are and why you need them. You will know what to expect and the estimated costs.

These are other ways we can help with relieving anxiety:

  • Sedation Options – You can choose sedation if you need help feeling relaxed. Oral sedation offers a deep level of calm and requires you to have a ride home after your dental visit.
  • Cozy Amenities – Sometimes it’s the smallest touches that make the biggest difference. You can relax with a warm blanket or a soft pillow during your appointment. You can also bring your ear buds to block out the sounds of our equipment.
  • Advanced Technology – Your dentists use the latest technology to streamline your visit and make precise diagnoses. Digital X-rays easily capture images of your teeth, roots, nerves, and bone. Intraoral cameras allow us to get a close-up view inside your mouth.

Call 765-358-5807 if you need help with relieving dental anxiety in Hagerstown. You can also ​​schedule online.