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General Dentistry

Maintain Your Best Smile With Routine Care

  • We make your treatment as comfortable as possible
  • Your smile will thrive with professional cleanings
  • Your visits are easy with patient-friendly technology
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Keep Your Smile Bright With General Dentistry in Fishers

General dental services do for your smile what regular maintenance does for your car. General dentistry in Fishers keeps your smile looking its best and functioning the way it should. The team at Rusch Dental Group provides excellent treatment that will help you:

  • Smile with full confidence that your teeth and gums are attractive
  • Catch and treat small oral problems before they worsen
  • Maintain healthy, strong teeth so you can easily enjoy all your favorite foods
  • Look youthful and vibrant with radiant teeth that others will notice

Call Rusch Dental Group today at 317-268-2603 to schedule an appointment. Isn’t it time you gave your smile the care it needs to shine?

Discover the Many Benefits of Preventive Dental Care

Our team is dedicated to helping you live out your best smile. We do that by providing attentive, personalized care at each appointment. We also use advanced technology like digital X-rays and digital scanners to make your treatment precise and efficient. Another option we have for your comfort is Oraqix, a topical anesthetic that will make your treatment more comfortable.

While the focus of general dental care is preventive services, your regular hygiene visits are a good opportunity to discuss cosmetic goals with your dentist or address restorative concerns such as missing teeth.

You’ll find several types of general dentistry:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams – Patients under 18 normally get their teeth cleaning and X-rays done first, followed by a dental exam. Patients 18 and older will begin with a thorough exam by your dentist. Your teeth cleaning may be scheduled for another appointment.
  • Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment – We have several ways to treat gum disease, including traditional scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), deep cleaning using a laser, antibacterial irrigation, and topical antibiotics.
  • Custom-Fit Mouthguards – You can get a professional mouthguard to protect your teeth against grinding and clenching while you sleep. Since it’s made with impressions of your teeth, it will fit perfectly.
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath) Treatment and Dry Mouth Treatment – We’ll uncover the root causes, so we can offer any needed services such as gum disease treatment. Your dentist can also offer advice and recommend products to help manage these conditions.

Call Rusch Dental Group today at 317-268-2603 for Fishers general dentistry for you and your family. You can also make an appointment online. You’ll find our practice conveniently located on East 96th Street, just off I-69.